Best Free Photo Editing Apps: Fun Photo Editing Apps

Fun photo editing apps that are also free photo editing apps are the way to go for anyone looking to create eye-catching and creative photos on the go. Nowadays you don’t need fancy camera gear to capture stunning photos for Instagram or other photo platforms. All you need is a phone and a few great photo editing apps to bring the image to life.


Lightroom is the number one photo editing app on the market. This app downloadable from the app store and is 100% free! There are so many editing possibilities with Lightroom that can completely change and alter your photo. With this photo editing app, you can transform a dull and ok photo to something amazing!

Lightroom can seem intimidating at first but once you play around with all the options and start to get the hang of it, the world of photography will seem a lot easier. Be sure to play around with the colour wheel to really transform and play around with your photo.

What’s great about Lightroom is that you can also save your edits in the form of “presets” and use them over again on other photos for a consistent theme! There are a ton of Lightroom presets online that you can purchase and use that will completely transform your photos in one click.

Click here for Lightroom Presets.


Quickshot is an underrated photo editing app that everyone needs in their life! This app has changed the game for me and I want you all to harness its power. This app is full of features to edit your photos. The app can be used for effects, filters, simple colour and lighten adjustments, healing effects, but it is mostly used for its sky photo editing option!

Have you ever taken a stunning photo but the sky is dull and ruins everything? Well, Quickshot is here to fix that for you. On this app you can sort through a ton of different sky backgrounds that once clicked on will be automatically inserted into the sky of your photo! With one click you have a new sky, which completely changes the photo (for the better). This is one of the most transformational and fun photo editing apps that opens up a whole new world of possibility.

This photo editing app offers a paid version which gives you access to more possibilities, but you can also use the free version with limited offers. I find the free version is good enough for my needs.


Snapseed is a photo editing app full of possibilities. There are a ton of filters to choose from that can brighten, soften, tone your photos, but a huge assortment of adjustment tools. This app offers so many tools that it can feel overwhelming, but if you are aiming for the perfect photo, then this is one of the best fun photo editing apps for you!

There are over 30 tools to choose from. With options like grainy film, glow, grunge and more! Whatever you want your photo to look like, then Snapseed will do it for you. The best part is this is a free photo editing app which is ideal for all.


If you don’t know what VSCO is then you must be living under a rock! This photo editing app is not only a viral trend (think VSCO girls) but also a great app for a ton of photo editing options.

This app has a free version and a paid version. The free version gives you access to all the basic editing settings, plus 10 different custom VSCO presets. While for $20 a year you unlock a load of features like a ton of presets, video editing options, more advanced photo editing options, the ability to create gifs, and more!

The filters are what really draw people in because of their ability to completely change the tone and mood of an image. You can find VSCO filter settings online to copy and recreate other people's image styles on your own.

VSCO makes the list of fun photo editing apps without a doubt. After you create your image you can export it or publish it to the VSCO feed, which has no likes, comments, or anything, making it just about the photography.

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There is nothing more fun in photography than creating a consistent theme and mood between your photos. UNUM is the best app to help you with this. The app is made for planning your Instagram feed to ensure everything looks aesthetically pleasing before posting. Not only does the app offer this, but it is full of photo editing tools too! On UNUM you can find filters, lighting tools, presets, and more.

What makes this one of the best photo editing apps is that once you connect your instagram account it is also packed with amazingly insightful analytics. You will find your top photos, the best hashtags to use, and optimal posting times. With these insights you can optimize your instagram for success and the best engagement.

There is a free version of the app which offers quite a bit. But for 6.99$ a month 59.99$ for the year you get access to all of the features of UNUM. The free version is enough, as with both versions you can optimize your instagram to make it pop and stand out amongst all the other content.

As you can see there are so many amazing free photo editing apps out there. Of course, almost all apps are trying to make some money, and adding a pro version is the best way to do so. However, if you are smart you can optimize the free version and avoid paying for the pro one! Enjoy these fun photo editing apps and take your photography to the next level.