Pinterest Group Boards | 2020 Tips & Tricks

Pinterest group boards are a Pinterest feature that has been around for a long time. If you are just getting started on Pinterest or have yet to use group boards in your Pinterest strategy now is the time to do so!

It is important to note that Pinterest group boards are not as important as they were a few years back. Although this is true, group boards can still have a lot of value and can be great drivers of traffic to your blog or business. To use group boards to their fullest potential you will need to be more careful when choosing group boards and be willing to leave low performing ones.

Keep reading for everything you need to know about group boards in 2020.

What is a Pinterest Group Board?

A group board on Pinterest is a board that has 2 or more people sharing their pins to it. Some group boards have only a few contributors and some have thousands. However, the amount of contributors is not what you should be looking at but the quality of the pins added.

A group board will have negative effects on your account if the content being added is low quality.

That's why today finding group boards is a little more difficult and requires more attention than ever before.

How to Find High-Quality Group Boards

Finding high-quality group boards takes some time and attention. In previous years asking to join every and any group was the standard, but today we are much more selective in this process. There are two main ways to find group boards on Pinterest in 2020.

  1. Pingroupie - This is a website that finds group boards for you! All you have to do is type in your niche and boards relating to it will come up. This is a great tool because it shows you some interesting insights as well.
  2. Search - Go on Pinterest and search through the boards of the top influencers within your niche. Find group boards they are a part of and request to join.

How to Pick The Right Group Boards

It is essential to not enter just any group board on Pinterest but to choose boards that will give you positive results. Here are some things to do to pick the right group boards.

  • Look at the number of followers - Over 5,000 is ideal.
  • Look at the number of contributors - The more contributors mean more pins, therefore, yours will easily get lost. Try to find boards with < 100.
  • Examine the content being added - Check if the pins that are currently in the group have a title, description, and high-quality images. It is not worth your time to join a group board that promotes low-quality content.

How to Join Group Boards

How to join a group board depends on the group you are trying to enter. Most groups have rules in the board description that explain how to enter. Some of the options are messaging on Pinterest, sending an email, or DMing on Instagram. Be sure to follow the board owners' exact instructions or else you will not be added.

Some group boards also have a "Request to Join" button for you to click to request to be added.

How to Uncover Low-Quality Boards

Uncovering and leaving low-quality group boards is one of the most important tips for group boards in 2020. And luckily there is a new way to check the group boards you are currently in right on Pinterest.

The first thing you have to do is go to the top right corner of Pinterest and Click on Analytics > Overview.

Then, you will scroll down and see three of your top boards. They are automatically in order of impressions which is important, but this can be changed to see how the boards rank on other metrics too.

Once you hover over the boards you will see the boards impressions, engagements, link clicks and more! From here you can press the arrows on the side and scroll through all your boards and see where your group boards are on the list. This is extremely helpful when cleaning up your Pinterest and find which group boards are not working.

Go through each metric - engagements, link clicks, impressions and see where the group boards rank. If you have to scroll through all your boards only to find them as the least engaged board, or least clicks - leave them.