Pinterest Beginners Guide

Pinterest is all the rage right now. People come to Pinterest to search for inspiration, shop for new items, find information, learn new things and much more. It is a one-stop-shop full of content to be discovered. There are a ton of success stories from Pinterest, where people get thousands of visitors a day to their website from Pinterest or make thousands in sales just from Pinterest. So you’ve heard all the success stories and see the potential in this platform, and now you want IN! Well keep reading this Pinterest Beginners Guide for all the details.

The best part about Pinterest is that it is a tool to bring FREE traffic to your website and to help people with your valuable posts or products. If you have something that will help others with inspiration, problem-solving or anything else, Pinterest is the place for you!

But before you dive into Pinterest you must understand this content-driven platform to use it to its potential.

Pinterest Beginners Guide

Pinterest Basics

How it works

The first thing you must understand is that Pinterest is a visual search engine. The platform is used by individuals typing a search word into the search bar on the top of the screen and pressing enter for results. After the search term is entered a bunch of photos with pop up that relate to the term searched. The images pop up in order of most relevant – based on the keywords used, plus the impressions and link clicks as Pinterest sees this content as valuable and wants it to show first.

Pinners can then choose to save the pin to a board on their own page or click the link to the external page. Boards are almost like folders on your page and are titled accordingly. For example, you may have a Business Success Board, Business Tips board, etc. and you put pins in the boards that are most relevant.

Actions to take

On Pinterest, there are two actions you can take with a pin. Saving it to your boards or clicking the link.

Save – Save means you like the pin and want to keep it on your relevant board to look at later.

Link Click – This means you click on the pin and are redirected to an external website.

Content Creation

Users can upload their own content and share the content of others. The platform actually performs best when users share others' content as well as their own. This is why it is a good idea to follow either an 80/20 rule or 40/60 at the beginning of your Pinterest adventures.

How to Use Pinterest for Business

Pinterest is an essential tool that all markets, businesses, and bloggers should be using. The potential reach and website traffic you can gain from Pinterest is unmatched by other platforms and its power should not be ignored. If you are considering getting started with Pinterest and have no idea who, what, and where to start don’t panic! Everyone starts someone and Pinterest is a gradual growth platform and slow and steady can win the race.

Before you jump into Pinterest headfirst, check if you meet these criteria to ensure your business is right for Pinterest.

1st - You are prepared to wait

You may hear a lot of overnight success stories about Pinterest, but this is not always the case. Pinterest is a search engine and not a social media platform, therefore Pins reach grows over time and growth and seeing real success can take months

2nd - You have set goals

You should go into Pinterest with sets goals for your business. Whether it is email subscribers, conversions, website visitors or anything else. Once you have a set goal you can create and optimize your Pinterest funnels to meet these goals.

3rd - You are ready to be visual

It doesn’t matter if your product is visual or not, it matters that you can make it visually appealing for Pinterest. As we know Pinterest works off images and the better, more visual they are, the better your results can be.

4th - You are reliable

Pinterest will drive traffic to your website and if this is happening you want to make sure you are solving the visitor’s problems and answering their questions with your content. You want your Pinterest visitors to turn into common visitors.

Now if you have said yes to of these you are ready to use Pinterest for your business.

Setting up a business Pinterest account

Setting up a business interest account is essential if you are looking to use your Pinterest for business. Here is a step by step guide on how to fully set up a business Pinterest account.

Step 1: Sign up or switch to a Pinterest Business account

The first thing you need to do is have a Pinterest business account because they have extra features and options compared to a regular account. Two of the most important are

  • Website Verification
  • Pinterest Analytics

If you are unsure if you have one or not you can check if you have the analytics tab in your top bar if you do it is a business account, if not it’s time to make one.

To get started on creating one you need to click on create a business account. From here you will do various steps and one of which is naming your account. This is very important and should be the same as the website you will link to. You CANNOT change this later on, so make sure it is good the first time.

Step 2: Claim your website

This is a very important step in the process because it gives you authority as a business on the platform and validates your account. The best way to do this is with YOAST SEO. Yoast is a plugin on WordPress and helps with SEO if you don’t have it already, I highly suggest you install it.

To claim your website, you need to go to the top three dots in the right-hand corner and click on edit settings.

  • 1st: go to Claim and select the HTML tag options (copy this code)
  • 2nd: Go to the YOAST Plugin on your WordPress dashboard
  • 3rd Go to the Social Tab & Click on FACEBOOK (yes Facebook)
  • 4th Slide "Add open graph metadata” to Enabled
  • 5th go to the Pinterest tab and paste the HTML tag that we copied in step 1
  • 6th Save changes and wait around 24 hours for Pinterest to confirm your validation

Step 3: Enable Rich Pins

This ensures your pin pulls metadata from the website and ensures a better user experience. Check out this video for an in-depth explanation of how to enable rich pins.

Step 4: Keyword Optimize Your Pinterest Profile

Keyword optimizing your profile includes your name, bio, boards, and pins. There is quite a bit of information that goes into this that I expand on in this post.

Now that you are set up for a business Pinterest account it is time to take it to step 2 and get your account prepare for content!