How to Keyword Optimize Your Pinterest

Pinterest is a search engine and that means keyword optimizing it is ultra-important. This is a quick guide on how to keyword optimize your Pinterest account so that your profile, pins, and boards rank when certain terms are being searched.

How to Keyword Optimize your Profile

The items you need to keyword optimize on your Pinterest profile are your name and your bio.

  • Your Pinterest name – should include the keyword you are mainly trying to rank for. For example, Marketing Expert, Travel Blogger, Food Blogger. Try to put your name and include this keyword at the end. Ex. Sam Smith | Marketing Expert.
  • Your Pinterest Bio – should include who you are and what you do in keyworded terms. Once again search for the relevant keywords that relate to your niche and add them into your bio.

How to Make and Keyword Optimized Boards

Having keyword-optimized boards is essential. This is because when people search into the search bar they can filter by pins, boards, and people, so we want to ensure if they search by boards ours is the first to pop up! Plus, boards can sometimes show up on google searches.

Making a board is quite easy. You simply have to go to your boards and click on the (+) Create board.

Then you will give it a name that is relevant in the searches and not too long. Choose something like “Beauty Tips” “Fall Fashion” and create the board.

Following this, you will click on the Pen Symbol at the top of your board about the board name. This allows you to edit the name, description, and category. Here you will add a keyword-optimized description following the tips below.

To keyword optimize your board you must use the strategies discussed in the “How to find niche-specific keywords on Pinterest” post. Using these techniques, you will search for the keywords that relate to your board. For example, if it’s a Europe Travel Board, you will search the word Europe Travel and find all the related and predictive terms of it. Then you will create a short description of about 3-4 sentences with a few of these keywords added in.

How to Make and Keyword Optimized Pins

Keyword optimizing your pins is essential in effectively setting them up rank high in the search and ultimately get impressions and clicks. Having a strong understanding of uploading pins with the correct dimensions and keyworded details is a craft that comes with practice.

Adding a Pin to Pinterest

Adding a pin is quite simple. All you do is go to the board you want to add a pin for and click on create a pin. Once you do this, a screen to upload an image, title, description, link, and publish time will pop up.

Creating a Pin

Images for Pinterest do best when they are optimized for the correct sizing, this means they are vertical images and sized correctly. There are a lot of different dimensions floating around, but the dimensions 1000 px x 1500 px are a safe option that I use personally.

Uploading and Optimizing the pin

After you have created the pin on Canva, Photoshop or any other program, you will upload it to "Drop and drop or choose to upload an image". Now comes to keyword optimization part. Using the keyword search tips from my How to Find Niche Keywords on Pinterest post you will search for keywords pertaining to your pin.

If you pin is about Amsterdam Travel you will find all the relevant keywords and craft those into a compelling title and description. Try to use the most important keywords (closer to the left in predictive search) at the beginning of your description because only a snippet of your description is shown most times and you want to ensure the essence of what you are linking to is well explained right away.

Two tips:

  • Don’t stuff in keywords. Craft a description that makes sense and isn’t just trying to get the most keywords in one place.
  • Don’t use keywords that aren’t relevant to your topic. Just because it is an option doesn’t mean you have to use it – and you should try to avoid click-baiting people. If they click on your link thinking it will be one thing and get something completely different, they will not be happy.

After you have crafted all this you can either publish the pin immediately or schedule it to post at a later time.

That’s everything you need to know for creating and crafting keyword-optimized boards and pins! Goodluck.