How to Find Niche-Specific Key Words on Pinterest


We are always focusing on Pinterest as a search engine and one of the main things that entail is keywords! It is imperative to do keyword research on Pinterest for every pin, board and profile change as this can affect how you rank in the search.

If you are pinning and not getting very much traffic this is most likely the reason why! Pinterest is not a social media and items get shown based on specific keywords, but just popularity. The key to a successful Pinterest is Pinterest SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and this starts with keywords research.

If you have been struggling with Pinterest keywords and need some guidance, then keep on reading!

What are Pinterest Keywords

On Pinterest, the keywords are the words used that tell the user what your content is about. They are the way people find your content, and it ensures what they are finding is relevant.

When we search a keyword in the search bar on Pinterest, we are shown relevant Pins that use that keyword. So, if you want your Pin to show up when people search Social Media Tips, you have to add relevant keywords that will help Pinterest realize your pin is about this topic. This is why choosing keywords is so important.

When we are searching for keywords we can choose between long tail and short tail keywords.

Short tail keywords: These keywords are only 1-2 words long and are very broad. Since they are broad, they bring a lot of reach and impressions, however, many people will be using them so ranking for them is quite difficult.

Long-tail keywords: Long-tail keywords are 3 or more words and are more specific. These keywords have a specific intent behind them, and most users type in long-tailed keywords because Pinterest users are searching with intent. Using long-tailed keywords is great for boards and pin descriptions because then your board is more specifically targeted.

Track Your Keywords

Create a folder or a document where you track your short and long-tail keywords. If you are pinning often this will save you a lot of time for having to constantly search for keywords. You can do this on an excel document or whichever you feel comfortable with.

With this, you can also so experiences and create groups and do tests to see which combination of keywords is working best. You will constantly be experimenting on Pinterest and doing it with intent is always best.

3 Ways to Find Niche-Specific Keywords

Search Bar

The search bar is a great tool for finding short-tail keywords. Just type in a prompt that related to your niche and the search bar will display predictive searches for you to look at. These search “suggestions” are the most popular and relevant searches on Pinterest.

Predictive Search

The next way to find keywords is by entering a word or phrase into the Pinterest search bar. Once you click enter a list of other relevant terms will be displayed underneath the search bar. These are called guided searches and are also very relevant.

Pinterest Ads Toolbar

Using Pinterest ads as a tool to search for keywords is not as popular as the other two but is a very powerful tool that will help you greatly in your Pinterest keyword strategy. All you have to do is head to Ads and Create Ad. You only have this option if you have a Pinterest business account. If you don’t have one yet you can follow my Pinterest Business guide in order to set one up.

Following this, you have to create a mock campaign with a title and goals and click continue.

Then you will be on a screen with a lot of information, but if you scroll down you will find the keyword search tool. This is a great keyword search tool because it not only shows highly relevant and searches terms, but it also shows there estimated monthly search volume.


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