How to Design Pins on Canva - CANVA for Beginners

Canva is a great platform to create Pinterest pins on. This platform has everything you could need for creating pins – image templates, text boxes, shapes, symbols and more! On this FREE platform, you have everything you could ever need with just a few clicks.

Plus, Canva is extremely user-friendly. You can create a ton of designs to your liking without needing a ton of practice like Photoshop requires. With these few tips and tricks, you should be on your way to designing pins (or anything else) like a pro!

However, it can sometimes be hard to achieve the designs exactly as you wish, which is why I have created Canva temples! These are already ready-made for you and can be customized however you like. If you are not the best graphic designer, want to save time, or want to have a consistent pin theme, these templates are a great option.

How to Design Pins on CANVA

Template size

  • For Pinterest Pins 1000 x 1500 or 2:3 ratio

Add Images

  • You can either add images as a full background – or you can go to the elements tab in the left sidebar and choose “Grids”
  • To upload an image to one of the grids or on its own you first have to upload the image by going to the Upload tab in the left sidebar and dragging and dropping your images there

  • You can then drag your image into the grid placeholder spot, and it will snap into place
  • To adjust the size and positioning of the image you double click on it and then move it around this way. Finish by clicking ENTER on your keyboard

  • If you are trying to arrange your image behind of in front of another graphic click on POSITION in the top right-hand corner

Change colors

Changing colors to match your branding and aesthetic. You can change text color, shape colors, and background colors.

  • To change text color, highlight the text you want to change and go to the small square in the white top bar and press the + to choose a color. You can either pick one manually or type in a specific color code.
  • This is the same process for changing shape colors, just be sure to click on the item you want to change before changing the color.

Change Background colors

To add a background color, follow these steps

  • Select the background in the left-hand tab
  • Click the + to add a new color or add in your color code
  • Or choose to add an image as the background

Duplicate pages

If you make a pin template, you love and don’t want to ruin it you can duplicate that page

All you have to do is press the COPY PAGE button right above the template and it will duplicate

Delete pages

Press on the delete button beside the copy page button.


To export click on the export button on the top right-hand corner. You can download all pages or just single pages by pressing on SELECT pages.