How to Create Video Pins for Pinterest on Canva

Wondering how to create video pins for Pinterest? Keep reading to learn a simple and effective way to do it.

Video pins are a great way to market your posts and products on Pinterest. In 2020 and beyond this will be one of the most powerful ways to add content on the platform. Therefore, today I am going to show you how to create video pins easily and for free!

This tutorial requires no videography skills, no fancy editing software, and no financial investment.

This tutorial is for creating pins with videos instead of images, however, if you'd like to also create animated pins with still images and video animations, check out this post.

Follow these 7 steps to easily create Pinterest Videos on Canva

How to Create Video Pins - Canva

Create a Canva Account

I love Canva for doing design work quickly and easily. Canva is a free design website that has a ton of features that make design work easy and user-friendly. The best thing about Canva is that it is free!

If you are looking to do more advanced design work some Adobe apps will be required. However, you can do quite a bit with Canva and can achieve some pretty impressive videos with a little playing around.

Once you have created your account you have access to templates, texts, symbols, shapes and more!

Create a Custom Design on Canva

Pinterest Pins do best when they are size optimized. As a rule, Pins in a 2x3 ratio do best, the most popular dimensions in this ration are 600x900 px, 735x1102 px, 1000x1500 px. 

Once you are onto your Canva account you will go to "Create a Design" and type in the dimensions you want. This will bring you to a blank white page ready to be filled.

Add a Video to Canva

Adding a video to Canva is just as simple as adding a photo to Canva. All you have to do is go to uploads and add a video instead of an image.


If you don't want to edit your videos on Tiktok or take them on Instagram, you can also embed them. This is how you embed videos.

On the left side, verticle panel you will see a bunch of design options, the first being templates. You will scroll to the bottom and click on the three dots symbol and the word "More". Following this, a few options will pop up and you will click on "Embeds".

Once you click on Embed you will be presented with a few different embed options. The best option for embedding depend on the type of content you will be uploading.

If you are planning on uploading your own personal videos I suggest making an account on Gfycat, as I have found this platform is best for uploading and embedding your own content.

If you are uploading videos from other creators you can use whichever option fits you best. I like Flikr for uploading other content.

*Just be sure that you have the rights to use any content that isn't yours*

After you have chosen the video you'd like to upload, you can add the link into the spot that says "Paste Web Link Here".

Format Your Video

After you have added your video you can format it by clicking on it and dragging on the white dots in the corner.

More so, after you have formatted the first video you can add another video and make a video collage.

Add Text & Other Features

To finish off your video pin you will want to add some text and any other features you prefer onto it. A text overlay is perfect for telling the audience what they are looking at and also good for the Pinterest algorithm.

In order for the text to be readable through all stages of the video put a rectangle behind the words.

Download as MP4

After your pin is exactly as you'd like it, you will press on the download button in the top right corner (Downward arrow) and press "Video".

Upload on Pinterest

After it is downloaded you will upload the video pin onto Pinterest, add your title, description, and URL destination, and you are set.

Additional Tips

  • Crop your videos so that they are shorter than 20 seconds
  • Be sure they are of high quality and high value