16 BEST Places to Find Free Stock Photos

High quality, tasteful images are a must for any blog of business that wants to look professional. However, most of us don’t have the time or equipment to take a bunch of images a month. This is where stock photos come in to save our lives.

I LOVE finding new stock photos and adding them to my ever-growing collection. There are so many talented photographers who allow you to use their images free of cost and these images can transform your website and promotion images. I mainly use stock photos for Pinterest graphics and find they give amazing results! Pinterest is a visual search engine so when the visual is amazing you’re already one step ahead.

With so many free resources available you should never feel the need to steal content creators’ images that you have no rights for.

In today’s age, there are a ton of free stock image websites and platforms available, so much so, that it can almost be overwhelming. Today I want to make finding the perfect stock photo website that fits your needs easier and more efficient – I mean who has time to look at all 20 stock photo websites until they find the perfect fit?

The stock photo list is separated into two sections:

  1. Free Stock Photos that require a subscription or email sign up – still FREE.
  2. Free Stock Photos that don’t require a subscription – No email or sign up needed.

Note creating your own photos is always best.

Let’s get into it!

8 Free Stock Photos that Require a Subscription

Ivory Mix

Ivory Mix is my absolute favorite place to get stock images. There are three membership types: free, annually and quarterly. The free provides 400 stock images and all you have to do is give your email address, while the other two provide thousands of stock photos a year at a low price.

Haute Stock

Haute stock offers girls, airy, and clean stock photos that are perfect for bloggers. When you give your email you get a link to 10+ free stock images and can then sign up for a subscription if you prefer.

Create Her Stock

Stock photos are very unrepresentative of people of color, which is how Create Her Stock started. Neosha Gardner is the founder who sought to create stock photos that are more representative and show people of different races. By giving your email address you have free access to over 100 stock images to use. You can also opt for a photo subscription afterward if you are impressed.

Styled Stock Society

Get 20 free stock photos from the Styled Stock Society when you give your email address. They are girly and perfect for socials.

SC Stock Shop

SC Stock Shop has fun and creative stock images just waiting for you. Once you give your email you get 20 free stock photos + monthly freebees.

The Stock Gallery

The Stock Gallery has a ton of flat lays and creative content for you to have. You need a monthly subscription but with this, you get 1800+ lifestyle stock photos and bonus monthly content.

Shafaq Omair

Here you will find girly stock photos that are available once you submit your email address.

Kreanille Design

Kreanille Design is home to free download stock images and PSD files for you to add your text to. Some are available for free once you give your email, and with a paid subscription you have access to more.

10 Free Stock Photos with no Subscription required


Unsplash is a powerhouse of free photos. All the images on Unplash are very high quality and made by true photographers. Here you will find photos in almost all niches and can search with the search bar until you find what you need.


Pexel is much like Unplash where you can find a ton of different images all created by very talented content creators.


Find here over 1 million royalty-free images that can be used for your blog or socials. The images are high quality and there is a ton to choose from.

Styled Stock

Browse through the collection of airy and light free stock photos and download the ones that catch your eye.

Kaboom Pics

Kaboom Pics is full of creative stock images to be used. Browse through the various photoshoots and find the best ones to fit your style and branding.

Fancy Crave

Fancy Crave is a great stock photo website for people in all niches. There are stock photos for food, fashion, animals, nature, people and more! If you are looking for specifics - for free - this is a good place to start.


RawPixel has a ton of free stock photos ranging from photography-based ones to flat lays and beyond. There is also a paid version you can get if you love the photos from here.

Life of Pix

Find free, high-resolution stock photos here. There are artistic options, city views and more!